New CEO to NP Innovation!

NP Innovation strengthens the organization by hiring Rickard Nilsson as new CEO.

”I am happy and proud to join NP Innovation as new CEO. NP Innovation is an exciting company with a lot of ongoing acitivities due to a strong organic growth in a global market. With my experience from management in growing organizations and broad expertise from international sales of technical offerings, I want to help the company on its continued journey. With its offer of in-house developed products for water purification, NP Innovation has a strong and in some cases unique offer and I see a continued very strong growth potential. I look forward to continue to develop the company and create a positive future together with our competent team and our strong global partners”, says Rickard Nilsson.

The company’s founder and former CEO, Nils-Åke Persson, will continue his work in the company where he will focus on consolidating and further developing NP Innovation’s concept in water treatment.

”NP Innovation will continue to be at the forefront regarding our offer in water treatment. By hiring a new CEO, I will have better possibilities to focus on our product development within filtration and degassing and to continue to develop our good cooperation with our partners and customers”, says Nils-Åke Persson.

New office in Norway

NP Innovation expands in Norway and launches continous sand filter for fish farming.

The decision to set up an office was made earlier this year to further support the aquaculture market along with our long-term partner Sterner AS. The new Norwegian sales support team consists of Bjarte Landro and Henrik Grundvig, both which have been working with aquaculture technologies for many years.

“We are currently introducing DynaSand continous sand filter for fish farming. This filter type has been used in other industries for more than 30 years, but is still new to aquaculture”, says Henrik Grundvig.

The filter has proven itself as both efficient remover of fine particles and for nitrification and denitrification. Low head and continuous filtration – meaning that the backwash does not affect the filter operation – makes the filter ideal for aquaculture. 

“Tests are now under way and we hope to have more documentation soon. Results so far are very promising with very nice and clear filtrate water”, says Bjarte Landro.    

Broodstock Capital invests in NP Innovation AB

24 September 2018 – Seafood investor Broodstock Capital has entered into an agreement to invest in water treatment company NP Innovation AB (NP Innovation), a leading supplier of water treatment technologies for aquaculture systems.

NP Innovation was founded by CEO Nils‐Åke Persson in 2013. The company’s head office is located in Malmo, Sweden, where all product development takes place. Its product range consists of pre‐filter, drum filters, disc filters and CO2 degassers for the aquaculture and public sector water treatment industries.

Prior to NP Innovation, Nils‐Åke Persson founded filtration technology company Hydrotech in 1984, a time when available filtration technology for fish farms was inadequate. Subsequently, he developed the successful drum filter for water treatment which became an instant success in the aquaculture industry. The company was sold to US Filter in 2002 and subsequently to Veolia.

“Nils‐Åke is considered to be the international guru within water filtration for RAS systems. The technologies he has developed are still dominating the global aquaculture landscape. However, we expect the new water treatment technologies from Nils‐Åke and his colleagues to raise the bar even higher when it comes to water quality and product reliability as well as lower maintenance costs,” says Kjetil Haga, partner at Broodstock Capital.

Following an acquisition of shares from three previous shareholders in NP Innovation, and a SEK 10 million share issue, Broodstock Capital owns half the company. The other half is owned by Nils‐Åke Persson and other members of the company’s management team.

NP Innovation currently employs 13 people. The company regularly supplies fish farming companies in Europe, USA, Chile and Canada. NP Innovation is expected to deliver revenues of approximately SEK 50 million in 2018. Approximately 90 percent of its revenues are from the aquaculture industry, with the remaining 10 percent from the public sector.

“We have on average grown 25 percent every year – and been profitable each year apart from the start‐up year – since we established the company. However, through Broodstock Capital’s entry we gain the financial muscles to quickly increase production capacity, which in turn will allow us to start bidding for larger projects worldwide. The latter will benefit both our customers and cooperation partners. I am excited to get Broodstock on board,” says Nils‐Åke Persson, CEO of NP Innovation.

The investment in NP Innovation is Broodstock Capital’s fourth in the seafood space. Its funds focus exclusively on investments in small and medium sized businesses within the seafood industry in general and in the fish supplier industry specifically. Broodstock Capital’s strategy is to own and develop businesses in partnership with founders, management and existing owners.

“Proper water treatment is at the heart of any RAS facility. Given the expected global growth in aquaculture production, combined with an increasing RAS market penetration, we believe NP Innovation is perfectly positioned to play an important role in the development of the aquaculture industry. We strongly believe NP Innovation possesses the most reliable and cost‐efficient filtration products available globally, which is why we have chosen to invest in the company,” says Simen L. Bjørnstad, partner at Broodstock Capital.

Kjetil Haga and Håkon Aglen Fredriksen in Broodstock Capital will join NP Innovation AB’s board of directors.


For further information, please contact:

Kjetil Haga, partner, Broodstock Capital, tel: +47 92 08 61 86, e‐mail:

Simen L. Bjørnstad, Broodstock Capital, tel: +47 45 22 46 48, e‐mail:

Nils‐Åke Persson, NP Innovation AB, tel: +46 705 31 11 94, email:

WMT (Water Management Technologies) introduces NP Drum- and Discfilters in USA, Canada and Mexico

Water Management Technologies ( a leading company in water treatment providing microscreen filtration and equipment including complete RAS systems for aquaculture applications, has announced a partnership with Sweden-based NP Innovations to provide Drum- and Discfilters. WMT has been working with microscreen filtration since the 1990s. The NP microscreen filters replaces WMT;s earlier line of Drum- and Discfilters and is launched in USA, Canada and Mexico.

NP Innovation launches two new product series: NP Discfilters and NP CO2-degassers

In order to improve our product portfolio within water treatment for aquaculture, we proudly present NP Innovation´s brand-new state-of-the-art product series: NP Discfilter and NP CO2-degasser.

Previously were Discfilter solutions not optimally designed for aquaculture applications but our new design, especially developed for this market segment will fill the gap. The NP Discfilter is available in three different versions:

  • Free-standing tank
  • Frame version
  • Frame version with level tank

The CO2-degasser system, is a highly efficient CO2-degasser with optimized self-cleaning features. The system is simple but ingenious with minimum energy consumption and has a feature worth mentioning twice: its efficient self-cleaning advantage. Another important feature is the self-induction of air which often eliminates the need of a mechanical fan.

Our new product lines along with our top-seller: the NP Drumfilter, can be delivered with very short lead times from our production facilities in the southernmost region of Sweden. If you would like to get more information about our products please contact us at:

STM aquatrade S.r.l introduces NP microscreen filters in Italy

STM aquatrade S.r.l ( has announced a partnership with Sweden-based NP Innovation. The NP Products replace STM Aquatrade’s earlier line of microscreen filters and is being launched in Italy by STM Aquatrade.

STM aquatrade S.r.l. is a private company, located in Italy, working in aquaculture since 1983 specialised in two main activities: the engineering of marine farms and the distribution of professional equipment among which oxygen control and distribution, mechanical and biological filters, UV sterilization, ozone, fish pumps, fish counters, feed distributors, etc.


CATVIS introduces NP Drumfilters

Catvis B.V. (, a leading company providing high quality equipment for aquaculture applications has announced a partnership with Sweden-based NP Innovation to market the new NP Drumfilter. Catvis has been working with microscreen filtration since the 1980s. The NP Drumfilter is now replacing Catvis earlier line of drumfilters and is being launched by its offices in Europe.

Biolight Technologias S.A. introduces NP Drumfilter in Chile

Biolight Technologias S.A. (, a leading company in water treatment, providing UV Disinfection technology components and microscreen filtration for aquaculture applications, has announced a partnership with Sweden-based NP Innovation to provide the new NP Drumfilter. Biolight has been working with microscreen filtration since the mid1990s for the Chilean aquaculture market. The NP Drumfilter is now replacing Biolight’s earlier line of drumfilters and is being launched in Chile by Biolight’s offices in Santiago and Puerto Montt.