NP Innovation CO2-degasser

The new NP CO2-degasser is a result of the market demand for a self-cleaning degasser product. This new development from NP innovation will introduce the most modern CO2-reduction solution on the market with supreme efficiency both improving your water quality and reducing your investment costs.

Supreme efficiency explained

The fill media is made of horizontal layers of PP-panels, which allows the water to pass through. At this passage the water accelerates air downwards, and simultaneously with heavy turbulence, CO2 is transferred to the air. The NP CO2-degasser works without an exhaust fan, but for indoor installations where it is essential to evacuate the air with high CO2 content, the degasser is equipped with a fan.

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Innovative design enables new possibilities

NP Innovation continuously introduces innovative designs for the market. Especially new technical solutions for the aquaculture and a variety of industry applications. After intensive development, we proudly present the ingenious designs of CO2-degasser, a new product which allows both easy retrofit and simple installation on new plants.

The design of the CO2-degasser solution, is available in two different versions:

  • T-version with tank – freestanding module
  • F-version without tank for chamber installations

The F-version enables installation in concrete chamber whereas the T-version offers a freestanding solution as shown in the images below.

























Summarizing the NP Innovation supremacy

  • Standard size systems: from 1500 to 18000 l/min.
  • Efficient CO2-removal efficiency. Approximately 60% reduction at maximum flow, 70% reduction at minimum flow.
  • Natural flow process- minimal energy consumption.
  • Minimal maintenance, self-cleaning systems.
  • Operates without a fan


Size range and material used for CO2-degasser

CO2-degasser are available in: 1500 , 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500, 9000, 12000, 15000 and 18000 l/min standard sizes.

Material choices: Stainless steel EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4462.

Fill media: PP