NP Discfilter 19-Series 

The new NP Discfilters, the 19-series is based on the same modular design as our successful NP Drumfilter series, plus new developments to adapt the disc filter technology for aquaculture criterias. These developments sets the NP Discfilter to the most optimized disc filter solution on the aquaculture market.

The filter has a number of filter media discs attached to a drum. The 19-version is provided with filter cassettes of a well-proven design that also simplifies maintenance and the possibility to change filter openings, if required. The filter is rotated by a helical-worm gear motor via a lubricant-free chain, driving on the peripheral of the center drum. This feature reduces stress on the drum structure and drive arrangement, leading to lower power consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

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19-Series – The optimized way of filtering water

NP Discfilter is a mechanical self-cleaning filter for removal of suspended solids, specially designed for aquaculture applications. The influent (brown arrow) enter the filter drum and is distributed into the disc segments by gravity. The filter media attached to the discs separates the solids from the influent and allows the filtrate (blue arrows) to pass through. The separated particles are removed with the backwash system and is flushed into the sludge trough (red arrow).

NP Discfilter is available in three different versions:

  • Frame version (first image)
  • Frame version with a level tank (second image)
  • Tank version (third image)

The tank version is a free-standing filter whereas the framed version enables installation in concrete channel as shown in the images below.












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Size range and material used for 19-Series

Disc filter models are available from 4-16 discs.

The filter cloth is normally made of polyester or stainless steel if required. The filter opening can be chosen from a wide range, normally from 10 to 100μm.

Material: Stainless steel EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4462 (Duplex)

The cover is as standard made of GRP.