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Karin Jörlöv is leaving us...

The time has come for us to thank our valued colleague Karin Jörlöv, who is now retiring.

Karin joined us five years ago and has been important in shaping NP Innovation and the company's business system.

She has been a valued colleague and friend, always creating a warm and welcoming environment for both colleagues and customers. Her work has laid the foundation for the structure and stability we work with today in finance, inventory and orders.


- It is sad to leave my colleagues, but it is also time for the younger talents to take their places. It was a stroke of luck that I ended up here at NP, and it has been a great job from start to finish, she says and continues:

- I want to give a big compliment to our CEO Michael; he has his goals and visions but has never been the elephant in the room. He is an incredibly good manager!


Karin loves to dance the bug. And is now looking forward to spending more time on her dancing interest.

- I have danced bug for 20 years, been a dance teacher and competed. I have been asked to hold day courses, and so it will be. But first of all, I'm going to have a vacation!


Thank you for your time with us Karin. We wish you all the best in the future.


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