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Growing organization

In line with the steady growth of NP Innovation, the company has further strengthened its organization with new resources.

Michael Bäärnhielm

Michael Bäärnhielm has taken on the role as new CEO as the founder, Nils-Åke Persson concentrates his efforts on product and technology development. Michael has a background from the Swedish Nibe group as well as the German technology company Bürkert, but was also one of the founders of Strainlabs AB. With long experience from several B2B companies, Michael will continue the work to strengthen NP Innovations leading position in the market while developing the company to meet the increased market demands. Michael started his new position on May 19th, 2022.

Victoria Nilsson

Victoria who started on July 1st, 2022, contributes with her solid experience in supply chain, to secure the increased delivery flow of products from NP Innovation. Victoria has a long background from the water treatment industry and are well acquainted with both products and partners.

Karl Bernhoff

Karl Bernhoff will strengthen the engineering department, working with design and construction. Karl, who is a mechanical engineer has experience from production of filter solutions and will be a strong addition to NP Innovations design team.

Karl starts his new position on September 12th, 2022.


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