• Innovative microscreen solutions for municipal water treatment

    NP Innovation’s new filters offer flexible and cost-effective municipal water treatment with a minimal environmental footprint

  • Reducing cost and footprint in industrial water treatment

    NP Innovation’s microscreen filtration solutions offer many advantages for keeping your processes running at low cost and with low environmental impact

  • Increase your output in aquaculture with microscreen filtration

    Protect your fish and the environment by improving the quality of intake water, recirculation water and effluent water.

Putting experience into action

Welcome to NP Innovation, your supplier of state-of-the-art microscreen filters for water treatment in aquaculture, industrial and municipal applications.

Twenty-eight years ago, Nils-Åke Persson and the people behind NP Innovation became pioneers in microscreen filtration for water treatment. Over the years we lead the market with a constant flow of innovations, improvements and new products, changing the way microscreen filtration was applied to a variety of filtration requirements.

Building on this experience, we have returned to take up the development again. You and the markets deserve industry-leading solutions that continue to evolve, maximizing performance whilst minimizing costs. The NP Drumfilter, the first of our new filtration solutions, is the first evidence that we’re delivering exactly that. Look out for more class-leading developments from NP Innovation in the months and years ahead.