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Karl Bernhoff

Karl Bernhoff,
Order Fulfillment Manager

"I have always felt very welcome here. With room for opinions, always a good atmosphere and many knowledgeable colleagues who teach me new things all the time. I feel seen and heard, and see great opportunities to grow within the company.”

Patrik Strandberg
Patrik Strandberg

Patrik Strandberg,

Sales Manager

"NP Innovation has an extremely positive and serious company image. They are confident in their market approach, as well as in the way they approach their customers and their products – providing a stable foundation for a sales engineer. It’s exciting to enter a company with a structured expansion plan – where there is power to grow.”

Victoria Nilsson

Victoria Nilsson,

Purchasing Manager

“The nice thing here is that everyone helps each other, and we chip in where needed – it's very unpretentious that way. No one puts themselves above anyone else. I have been in the industry for many years and here I learn new things all the time. There are always things happening, which I enjoy.”

Gustav Kågesson
Gustav Kågesson

Gustav Kågesson,
Product Development Manager

“I have been with NP for over seven years and have grown in my role and in my tasks. This is a company in constant motion where I am allowed to take responsibility without anyone pointing or looking over my shoulder. At NP Innovation there is a clear open-door-policy. I will continue my own development here.”

Bilbo the dog
NP Innovation


Office Dog

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