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Patrik, our new Senior Sales Engineer

Patrik Strandberg began his employment at NP Innovation in April 2023.

With 25 years of technical sales experience from different industries and in different rolls, such as sales manager and CEO with start-ups, he is now prepared to tackle the markets in the Middle East, South America, Denmark, the Faroe Isles, and the UK, as Senior Sales Engineer at NP Innovation. “My job will be to work with aquaculture in these regions. My roll and my strategi is to increase NP Innovation’s market presence via customer and end user contact digitally and by phone – but above all through physical meetings with system builders, distributors, and fish farmers.”

He views his future at NP Innovation with expectation. The company has set an ambitious target and has a tough plan for the next two years. “There is no doubt that we will succeed, the market is ready to embrace our product. It is very exciting. The demand for locally sourced fish and clean water has undoubtedly boomed during the last few years, and the need to be able to eat nutritious food like fish won’t decrease as the planet’s population grows, and with the world’s resources being exploited at an ever-increasing speed,” he says.

Patrik has moved to his new job in Malmö after 13 years in Gothenburg, and describes his introduction at NP Innovation as very positive: “The learning has a pleasant structure and has been incredibly professional. My new colleagues have included me – both professionally as well as on a personal level. It has been amazing to join the company,” he says and continues, “I am originally from Malmö and my children live here, so this couldn’t be better. I walk around with a smile on my face, all day long.”


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